Empathizing with people inspires the creation of new design solutions that bridge the needs of customers with the growth aspirations of our clients.

Design Research Consulting SARL

Founder & Director, Tom Hynek

Tom Hynek holds a degree in Industrial Design from IIT Institute of Design in Chicago. Over the last 20 years, Tom has worked with leading international design and innovation consultancies like Doblin Group in Chicago and IDEO Munich.

Tom has led cross disciplinary teams on innovation projects for global corporations spanning a range of industries including pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, financial services, energy, transportation, IT services, telecommunications, among others.

Clients include: Airbus, BMW, BP, Bertelsmann, Bosch, Gibco, Huawei, Hyundai, hp, Life Technologies, Nycomed, Novartis, Orange, Oticon, P&G, Region Syddanmark, Samsung, Volkswagen, Whirlpool and UBS

Through his design and photography education at Institute of Design coupled with his years of ethnographic field research for clients, documentary film making has become a major passion and part-time profession for Tom.


 a sample of Toms work can be seen here