Insights into your customer's everyday behaviors and motivations are the seeds of your company's growth. Design Research will uncover these insights to help you innovate.

Through an ethnographic approach, Design Research spends time with your customers to understand what is most meaningful to them in the context of your offering.

Opportunities for new or improved brand experiences are identified and explored through product or service prototypes and tested with customers. 

Front loading the project with frequent customer feedback and concept refinement reduces risk and development costs while helping to ensure market fit and uptake of the new offering.

New patient service feedback for Novartis pharmaceuticals in the UK


- Ethnographic field research to uncover latent needs

- Sacrificial concept testing to reveal attitudes and what is meaningful to customers

- Behavior modeling to help focus or scale your offerings

- Customer journeys and personas to reveal complex need sets and how your offering can address them

- Analogous experiences to inspire novel solutions 

- New product or service ideation to generate multiple pathways for growth through co-creation with relevant stakeholders 

- Service blueprinting to help your offering deliver on all key customer touch points

- Opportunity roadmapping to prioritize ideas and manage the costs and complexity of change

- Experience prototyping to reduce risks and costs while ensuring offering is market fit

- Business model canvas to assess if new offering fits within existing business structure

To create business value within these markets, it is key to understand what is meaningful to them.