social impact

Social institutions face several challenges to deliver optimum service experiences for citizens.


External influencers such as ageing, chronic disease, chemical addiction, public trust, disempowerment and integration are some of the factors at play.


Internal challenges are complex including conflicting administrative goals, workplace apathy, siloed work structures and reduced funding to name a few.


Design Research works with your organization to help co-create better service solutions tailored to the needs of citizens while simultaneously empowering the people who deliver your services.


Leveraging technological possibilities together with ethnographic research and co-creation workshops new concepts which can be prototyped and tested with relevant stakeholders.

Through this design thinking approach simple, inexpensive solutions can have significant positive impact on the wider public.

Patient journey for Esbjerg hospital in Denmark


- Ethnographic field research to uncover latent needs

- Behavior modeling to help focus or scale your offerings

- Customer journeys and personas to reveal complex need sets and how your offering can address them

- Analogous experiences to inspire novel solutions 

- New product or service ideation to generate multiple pathways for growth through co-creation with relevant or inspiring stakeholders. 

- Service blueprinting to help your offering deliver on all key customer touch points

- Opportunity roadmapping to manage the costs and complexity of change

- Experience prototyping to eliminate knowledge gaps by front loading the risk

reduce risks and costs while ensuring market uptake

Communications prototype for Esbjerg hospital

Designing better service experiences for
citizens to build trust in public institutions.