Design Research knows your network's challenges and needs are unique and diverse as the people and partners within it.


Decisions can come with significant rewards but with serious risks as well. The stakes are far higher in the b2b arena than the end consumer realm which is why designing solutions around the needs of each partner is key.  


Social, cultural, physical, cognitive, environmental, technological and regulatory factors play a key role in understanding the challenges and opportunities within
your ecosystem.


We uncover insights to inform the creation of enhanced services, new communications, better tools and more efficient workflows. In short, reducing costs while creating better experiences to enhance trust between you
and your partners. 

Field observations in Germany for Huawei technologies

- Ethnographic field research to uncover latent needs


- Workflow analysis to identify problem areas

- Ecosystem personas to aid in partner empathy building

- Workaround studies to draw out best practices

- Ideation sessions to develop tools and services which address partner needs.

- Service blueprinting to help your offering deliver on all key touch points

- Opportunity roadmapping to manage the costs and complexity of change

- Behavioral prototype develop with iterative field testing

Going beyond their needs with novel solutions to create new value in your ecosystem.