market insight

Whether you are expanding into new markets or repositioning in existing ones Design Research brings you confidence with a nuanced understanding of your target market.

Empathizing with the people in local markets ensures product or service uptake. Design Research immerses itself in their everyday culture to identify trends and influencers shaping behaviors and attitudes.


Through qualitative methods we examine the forces driving local business practices and related behaviors. These insights help adapt and position your offerings to meet the needs of your desired audience.

Shop owner interview in China for Grundfos


- Brand perception assessments to support marketing & communications strategies

- Cultural factor analysis to reveal key drivers influencing consumer choice

- Customer need mapping to steer product or service adaptation strategies

- Integration of qualitative insights with existing segmentation models

- Retail audits to reveal the broader context of consumer purchase decision making

- Ideal vs. real stakeholder mapping to better navigate your local ecosystem

- Sacrificial product and service concepts to help gauge local market desires


Understand subtle cultural and contextual influencers for pinpoint product positioning.